Why Should I Care About My Nervous System?

by in Tonal Chiropractic May 22, 2018

Imagine, if you will, two fresh gardens. Both gardens have the same potential and start out the same exact way. One garden you cultivate, you till the land, plant seeds, give it plenty of water and sunshine, work to keep animals out. What would you expect to have? Bountiful crops? Beautiful flowers? A lush garden?

Now imagine the other garden. This garden you ignore, you don’t take the time to till the land, plant the seeds and provide it with all the essentials it needs. What would you expect to happen over time? You may think nothing will grow but both gardens started out with the same potential so something will grow…WEEDS! These weeds will take over the land and soil until you can barely even tell there was something there in the first place. Now, even if you wanted to grow something you would first need to pull all the weeds, and if you have ever pulled weeds you know this is no easy task.

Our body’s nervous system is similar to a garden. It controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ and organ system within our body that grows over time to make up who we are. Through our five senses (touch, taste, hear, smell, sight) our nervous system takes in everything from our environment and uses this information to either grow us in the direction of who we want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally, or grow “weeds” which can deteriorate our health and take us further away from who we want to be.

In life, we are bombarded with events and experiences, both positive and negative. These events can cause different forms of stress, which build up tension (“weeds”) within our body, impacting the direction that our nervous system grows us. If we do not take the necessary steps to care for and cultivate our nervous system, our environment will do it for us. We will begin to grow further away from a state of optimal health as the “weeds” begin to take over leading to a dis-eased state full of aches, pains, fatigue, and a low-quality of life. 

Tonal chiropractic adjustments work directly with the body’s nervous system to help facilitate the body’s process to pull the weeds so that we can begin to express optimal health, vitality and live life at our fullest potential. By taking a gentle, tonal approach to work with the nervous system we are truly helping your body get back to its ROOTs and begin to heal from within so that you can be the greatest expression of who you are.

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