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In the last several months I have had the privilege to meet some incredible people in and around the Ooltewah/Chattanooga area. Great people from interesting backgrounds with successful businesses and great ideas for the future. The one thing they all have in common is they are curious why we chose the name ROOT.

As a vitalistic chiropractor, I tend to take a holistic approach to the body rather than looking at the individual parts (i.e. neck, low back etc.). I often ask people, if the leaves of a tree were turning brown (and it’s not the Fall season) would your first thought be to check the branches? Or better yet would you take down the whole tree? Of course not!

When we see that a tree is not thriving the way it should our first thought is something must be wrong with its ROOTS. When we tend to the root system not only does a vibrant green color return but we notice that more leaves begin to sprout and the tree begins to THRIVE and express more LIFE!

Our Body’s ROOT System

Our body also has a ROOT system, our nervous system. This is made up of our brain, spinal cord, and all the peripheral nerves that communicate with the 100 trillion cells that make up us! When we optimize this system, our body as a whole has the potential to THRIVE. A positive side effect is that aches, pains, symptoms, and sickness begin to dissipate as we express more LIFE.

Getting to the ROOT Cause

At ROOT Centre for Optimal Living, we don’t look to treat or cover anything up but rather look to the ROOT of your concern. By using our innovative approach we can work with the nervous system to help enhance your body’s innate healing abilities and guide you toward a life of Optimal Living!

If you have questions about ROOT or want to explore this further, give us a call to set up your COMPLIMENTARY consultation. This consultation is just a conversation to decide if vitalistic chiropractic care resonates with you and discover why Optimal Health starts at the ROOT.

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