What is a Tonal Adjustment?

by in Lifestyle Choices, Tonal Chiropractics July 21, 2018

Why Chiropractic?

Receiving regular chiropractic care is great for improving your overall quality of life. However, traditional chiropractic care typically revolves around reducing muscle spasms, improving range of motion, or reducing pain. This type of care falls under a mechanistic/reductionist approach to health and never truly addresses the ROOT cause of what is going on.

Tonal chiropractic refers to an innovative, very gentle approach focused on giving your body exactly what it needs to make a correction in the least invasive way as possible. Why is this important? First, by using a gentle approach your body learns to adapt on its own without becoming dependent on outside interventions to maintain optimal health. Secondly, this approach to the adjustment results in a lower likelihood of reaching a plateau state. By focusing on and listening to what your body needs each visit allows for constant improvement. This simply means that the longer people continue to receive this type of care, the longer they continue to see benefits in their lives.

What is Tonal?

We all are born with the greatest gift, a unique intelligence that is always cultivating more growth and more regeneration within our bodies moving us toward a state of optimal health. Imagine an infant when they are born and what they look like 5 years later. This intelligence uses our body’s communication highway, the nervous system (brain, spinal cord), to send specialized signals to all the cells in the body telling them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When this communication system is functioning optimally, we are functioning at our best and have the best chance to live vibrant, healthy, and happy lives.

The nervous system produces a tone/tension within the body, as it relates to the structure of the spine and the soft tissue connected to it (muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.). Our spinal cord attaches to the very top and bottom of our spine and the amount of tension within our nervous system affects the regions surrounding it and the ability of the spinal nerves to send proper signals throughout the body. Think of a guitar string, when the tone/tension of the string is off the sound that string produces isn’t optimal or pleasant. Similarly, when the tone/tension of our nervous system is off the secondary effects that we feel are not pleasant or desirable.

A tonal adjustment focuses on the underlying cause of this improper tone/tension contained within the nervous system rather than simply masking the secondary effects. By taking gentle contacts we can stimulate the nervous system in a very specific way of teaching it to pay attention to areas it hasn’t paid attention to in a long time. This allows the brain and body to reconnect and reestablish proper communication allowing our body to adapt, repair, and regenerate so that we can function at our best.

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