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#1: How stress is impacting your health and lifeOur bodies are designed to THRIVE! If there are areas of our life and health where we feel otherwise it may be due to unprocessed past, current, or future stress.


#2: How well you are adapting to the stress in your lifeStress in life is inevitable, it’s not about removing stress entirely but how well we are handling and responding to stress that makes the difference.


#3: Practical steps to begin adapting to stress and reclaim your health

Everyone is different and each life experience is unique but some small steps and techniques can go a long way to regaining your health and life!


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About ROOT:

Root A Centre for Optimal Living is a healing center that is refreshingly different from the rest. Through years of studying and research Dr. Bryan and Stephani Stotz learned that health is more than the absence of symptoms but rather a complete state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Together they have created their own holistic living practice in Ooltewah called Root A Centre for Optimal Living, focusing on the body as a whole and empowering people to live life at their fullest potential. Their approach is to simply return the body back to a state of balance allowing us to heal and transcend what holds us back. Using an innovative chiropractic approach, as well as combining pillars of nutrition, mindset, movement, and toxin reduction, they have been able to guide countless number of people on their own journey to Optimal Health – a place where symptoms, sickness, and disease do not exist.