Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is the most sought after natural healthcare system in the world. Millions of people visit a chiropractor every year. Chiropractic is based on the scientific understanding that we are self regulating and self healing organisms and our natural homeostatic state is extraordinary health. If you are not your best physically, mentally or emotionally something has went wrong. Chiropractic care is about integrating the stress and interference to your nervous system so your body’s innate intelligence may do exactly what it was designed to do so you may heal from the inside-out. As your body returns to its innate design and functioning you will enhance your health and quality of life.

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    Why did you name your business ROOT?
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    How much does a visit cost?

    Your first visit is 60 minutes long, so plan accordingly! The cost of your first visit is $120, and includes receiving your first adjustment. All the visits after are just $45. You can learn more about your first visit here.

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    How do I get to the ROOT Centre?

    Our Chiropractic office is located in Ooltewah, TN in Cambridge Square. We are located on the southeast side of the Square near the new construction, above Great Clips and Board and Brush on the 2nd floor! Open the door to the left of Sport Clips to find the stairs and elevator to the 2nd floor. ROOT is located on the back side of the building overlooking the pond in Suite 209.

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    Should I go to a chiropractor even if I'm not experiencing Back Pain?

    A simple fact of life is that we will all have to invest in our health at some point in our lives. We can do it on the front end and be progressive creating greater and greater levels of health or we can do it on the back end when we get a tap on the shoulder with a diagnosis of a symptom, sickness or disease (this creates a lot more stress, pain and cost). The choice is yours. The most important part of our health is maximizing the full expression of our master control system, the nervous system. When you are clear and connected through your nervous system your innate intelligence makes you more resilient towards disease, more adaptable and allows you to vastly improve your health and quality of life regardless of where you are on the health and disease spectrum. For the same reasons that one exercises, eats well and decreases the amount of stress in their lives, people choose Chiropractic to Live Optimally.

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    So you crack people, right?

    That's a loaded question. There are many different techniques within the Chiropractic Profession. As Vitalistic Chiropractors, we work directly with the innate self healing and regulating powers of the Nervous System. As a result, we work with the electrical impulses and tone within your nervous system and this does not involve a stereotypical chiropractic adjustment that may create a cracking sound.

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    Can I be adjusted if I'm pregnant?

    Yes, Chiropractic is safe for expecting mothers. We have supported 100’s of pregnant woman helping them achieve their desired birth plans and deliver healthy and vibrant babies.


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